Are you a busy, working professional that needs help with:


...home maintenance, repair, or light remodeling in or around your home? issues? Repair? Need help with wired/wireless networking? Want a custom gaming system?


...need a new TV mounted? Home theater components connected? Home theater services, or advice?


Perhaps you need help in one or more of these areas?


You are in luck! You have found the absolute best person to help you in ANY of those areas! 


Let's Get Things Fixed - call immediately to find out how I can save you time, money, headaches, and ensure you get what you need done!


770 609 7429

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Home Repair, Maintenance, and Light Remodeling

 Computer Repair, Training, and Services

Home Theater Services and Consultation

I have over 30 years of experience in home repair, computer and technology experience, and home theatre knowledge and experience. I pride myself and my business on providing not only excellent service and quailty work, but I also enjoy providing education and knowledge to my customers.


There are things we can do for ourselves, but sometimes we want to be sure we are doing things the right way, or we may just not have the time to do it ourselves. Home Ventures Creation and Repair is here to provide that reassurance and extra help  you need across home repair, technology, and entertainment. Let us become your trusted and reliable partner!

Here are some of the services if you don't see what you need!


Highlighted Home Maintenance and Repair

  • General maintenance and repair
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Deck and porch repair, refinishing
  • Dryer vent installation
  • Drywall installation & repair
  • Simple electrical wiring repair
  • Fence fixing
  • Flooring installation and repair
  • Garage dooor openers
    • install
    • set codes
  • Painting
  • Plumbing repairs
    • faucets (install, replace valves)
    • drains
  • Light Remodeling  
  • Swapping a toilet
  • Tiling
  • Window repair

Highlighted Computer Repair and Services

  • General maintenance and repair
    • software install and correction
    • desktop and Laptop settings
    • Windows 7, 8, 10 settings
    • printer setup & configuration
    • malware/spyware removal
    • motherboard replacement
    • memory installation, upgrade
    • hard drive installation, refresh
    • file retrieval and deletion
    • peripheral connectivity
    • data backup
  • Custom gaming computer build
  • Home network installation & repair
  • Wired/Wireless setup & config

Highlighted Home Theater Services

  • General advice & guidance
  • TV mounting
  • Component installation
  • Cable guidance & installation
  • Component setup & guidance
  • Streaming setup, troubleshooting
  • Home theatre creation & 

          component selection

  • 4K blu ray
  • satellite
  • Audio/Video receiver
  • TV

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770 609 7429

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770 609 7429