Who am I and Why did I start this business?

I had very humble beginnings in my early life that instilled in me a work ethic, standards and a drive to achieve and succeed that I still live by today. My father passed away when I was 5 years old, so my Mother raised me and I was the oldest of a brother and sister. Later, I served in the US Navy on a nuclear fast-attack submarine (the kind that doesn't have missles) of which I am very proud to have done. After 6 years in the Navy, I attended Auburn University and upon graduation received my  undergraduate degree in computer engineering. I then began my professional career in Information Technology as a software programmer, and eventually obtained an MBA. 


We all grow in different ways and on different timetables. We all have desires, and wants, and needs. Those wants, needs, and desires drive us in different ways. I have heard said that the biggest regrets people have are not taking the chances that make us feel alive and happy. For me, I must continue to grow and evolve in ways that make me feel satisfied as a person. I have not built a $10 Billion dollar empire, or created a technology that allowed me to revolutionize the world such as Bill Gates did, or Steve Jobs - YET! 


I love technology, building things with my hands, taking things apart and putting them back together. I have always enjoyed doing things for others, and I feel a swell of satisfaction when I see someone smile as a result of something I did to help them, and with which they are happy and appreciative. Given that I grew up without a father, I had to teach myself and be an example for my brother and sister. This was the impetus that instilled many of my ethics and standards, and my empathy for others. 


Those early years were hard, and the struggles I endured are a large part of who I am today. I learned many life lessons, and am still learning! I continued to build things, repair things, and program and design complex software and technical systems. I continually search for new knowledge and ways to apply that knowledge to build and create new things, such as this business!


HVCR is a result of my desire to grow and evolve, and to utilize my abilities to build new things, repair things, and use my hands and my mind to help others. I want to take my (over) 30 years of experience in home repair and remodeling, computer and technology experience, and home theater knowledge and experience and use that to help others and provide a new freedom for myself in earning a living. I pride myself and my business on providing not only excellent service and quality work, but I also enjoy providing education and knowledge to my customers. How do I do this? I do for others as I would want done for myself. I am a stickler for getting things done correctly. That central tenet follows through in an even bigger way in my work for others.


 There are things we can do for ourselves, but sometimes we want to be sure we are doing things the right way, or we may just not have the time to do it ourselves. Home Ventures Creation and Repair is the mechnaism I have created to provide that reassurance and extra help  you need across home repair, technology, and entertainment. I want to become your trusted and reliable partner in creating new things and repairing things in your home, including the technology that you utilize!


As I said, I enjoy providing a valuable service that customers enjoy and which makes them happy. I also enjoy helping my customers understand what's going on behind the finished product - the knowledge about what's happening with building something new or a repair. It's all part of ensuring that trust and reliability are built into the work and end product delivered!


I sincerely hope that I can create a trusting relationship with you and provide the services that are of value to you. 


My sincere thanks for your valuable time!


-Rodney Sculthorpe

Licensed and Insured

GA Contractor License # RBQA006279

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