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An initial consultation for the services listed below is always welcomed, and usually helps define exactly what will be done for you. With computer repair, some problems are obvious. In other cases, it is necessary to first diagnose the problem in order to determine what can be done to make the repair. 


Other computer services definitely benfit from an initial consultation, so please call to fully discuss your needs.


What will it cost?

Costs are always important, and if there are special circumstances which you would like to bring to my attention, that would be extremely helpful. Most work is priced according to the job. Materials will be extra, and can be supplied by the customer, or can be included as a part of the overall job cost.



Some examples of Computer Services costs (minus materials) are:


Add a hard drive (does not include cost of hard drive)$ 85


Repair/replace laptop screen (does not include new screen) $125


Basic custom game computer (call to discuss configuration) $ 599


Windows 7/10 installation $ 65


Malware/spyware removal and correction $ 125


Wired/wireless networking installation, configuration, repair $ 125


File retrieval, deltion, backup, restore (most situations) $ 85


Call of Email for additional pricing

770 609 7429

Services Offered...

Computer Service and Repair:

  • General maintenance and repair
    • Software install and correction
    • Desktop and Laptop settings
    • Windows 7, 8, 10 settings
    • Printer setup & configuration
    • Malware/spyware removal
    • Motherboard replacement
    • Memory installation, upgrade
    • Hard drive installation, refresh
    • File retrieval and deletion
    • Peripheral connectivity
    • Data Backup
  • Custom Gaming Computer Build
  • Computer Component installation
  • Training and consultation
  • Home network installation & repair
  • Wired/Wireless setup & config
  • Internet troubleshooting
  • Web Design Consultation
  • Much more – free consultation



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