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An initial consultation for the services listed below is always welcomed, and usually helps define exactly what will be done for you.


Home Theater doesn't have to be in a dedicated room, it can be just as important to ensure that the family television and associated components are optimally connected and configured. We're moving more and more towards online streaming technology for television and movie viewing, and it is not always cut and dry.


I can save you time by helping you understand what the different options are for home audio/visual entertainment, and what electronic components and accessories can optimize your entertainment dollar and experience. Everything from constructing a dedicated home theater, to understanding what kind of flat screen TV to purchase, to mounting the TV and connecting it to satellite and other AV components. AV receivers, sound systems, lighting, cabling - I can help you with all of it.


Let me save you the headache of sifting through the mountains of information. Give me a call and I will take care of it for you!


What will it cost?


Most work is priced according to the job. Materials will be extra, and can be supplied by the customer, or can be included as a part of the overall job cost.


If you don't see what you need, don't worry - just call and we can get you taken care of with no porblems.


Some examples of Home Theater Services costs (minus materials) are:


Install TV Mount (cables can be provided, but are extra cost) $ 105


Component integration, setup, connect (AV Reciever, Blu Ray, etc) $ 85


General guidance and consultation (per hour) $ 85


Install projector (most projectors, does not include cabling) $ 170





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Home Theater Services Offered...

  • General advice & guidance
  • TV Mounting
  • Component installation
  • Cable guidance & installation
  • Component setup & guidance
  • Streaming setup, troubleshooting
  • Home Theatre Creation
    • New Theater build
    • Cabling
    • Wireless networking
    • Wired networking
    • Component selection
      • TV
      • Receiver
      • Satellite
      • 4K Blu Ray
      • Projectors
      • Controllers
      • Gaming
  • Much more…call for consultation



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